Get to know Scott Costello and Christy Robinson-Costello

Enjoy this Sponsor Spotlight on the Co-CEOs and Founders of True North FL, Inc., a trend setting solutions firm and publisher of the Guide to Greater Gainesville (click text for complete article)

Get to know Scott Costello and Christy Robinson-Costello

Co-CEOs and Founders of True North FL, Inc., a trendsetting solutions firm and publisher of the Guide to Greater Gainesville

Two entrepreneurial souls united to create a treasure trove of the Greater Gainesville region’s best kept secrets for the purpose of connecting, communicating, and creating. The University of Florida approached this dynamic duo to reign in the scattered information about Gainesville for the sake of bringing and keeping talent in the area. Their goal was to provide a comprehensive collection of valuable insight that even life-long residents had no idea existed. Indispensable details like “100 Things to Do in Gainesville” can be found in their latest publication of The Guide to Greater Gainesville.

“The Guide takes a best kept secret and shares it with those who aren’t here,” Scott shared.

Christy Robinson-Costello, a Gainesville native, successful Executive Chef, and University of Florida graduate, decided to challenge herself and shift her focus. Scott Costello, a serial entrepreneur, Gainesville fanatic, University of Florida graduate, and a publisher in Greater Gainesville for the last 20 years, discovered he, too, desired to recalibrate his own goals.

Scott explained, “Having the perfect partner with complementing skill sets, we both reached a point in our lives where we realized we weren't utilizing our strengths to the best of our abilities.”

Inspired by Bill George’s book True North, Scott and Christy launched their company, True North FL, Inc. They decided to combine all their strengths and life experiences to “create, connect and collaborate.” With this vision in mind, The Guide to Greater Gainesville, evolved with an even broader ambition.

“When Covid hit in [the year] 2020, everything paused, and we were suddenly isolated and glued to our devices. We realized we were going to multiple online websites to get information about our community,” said Christy.

This experience inspired the idea to create an app that could be a community resource with everything from restaurants to job listings to events and more. They saw the need for there to be one place to get all of the information you could possibly need to know about the Gainesville area. The application, “Guide | The Directory,” can be downloaded for any device and from any online application store.

Scott and Christy see this opportunity as a global endeavor. What began in the Greater Gainesville region has now expanded to the Tampa Bay area. They aspire to create a template and apply it to anywhere in the world. Currently, the Guide is available in three forms:

a physical publication--The Guide to Greater Gainesville

an online website,

a mobile app, Guide | The Directory

Scott half jokingly said, “Elon Musk wants humans on Mars and we will be the publication that will tell them what to do when they get there.”

As experienced small business owners, Scott and Christy, understand the challenges that Gainesville startups may face in an ever changing economy. They care about building a better tomorrow and using their skills to help others grow.

“We are entrepreneurs and understand small businesses, and we desire to help businesses, no matter what stage they are in, to reach their best potential and scale up fast,” said Scott.

Business owners can download the application, claim their listing and insert their information in the Directory. Services for advertising, marketing, and strategizing content, and inclusion in an editorial are options as well.

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