Meet Lindsey Day

Meet Senior Assistant Director of Talent Acquisition and Development at InfoTech and startGNV Board Member extraordinaire!...

Meet Lindsey Day

Senior Assistant Director of Talent Acquisition and Development at InfoTech and startGNV Board Member extraordinaire!

A little about Lindsey: I was born and raised in Gainesville and left to explore the world for college.  After 12 years away, I moved back to Florida because being near family is awesome and shoveling snow is pretty miserable.  I always gravitated toward tech in my career long before I switched into the industry.  My background is in education where I was often one of the most tech-curious of the non-technical staff members.  I was constantly training students on how technology could help with their job search or being part of software systems implementations to help automate our work.  After spending a year traveling the world with LinkedIn as a trainer on their LinkedIn Recruiter platform, I officially made the switch in 2016 and haven't looked back since!

Tell us about your work at Infotech and why you love the company? I currently serve as Infotech's Senior Assistant Director of Talent Acquisition and Development.  In this role, I oversee our hiring and internal training and development programs.  When you work as a career coach, you get glimpses into lots of different companies and work environments.  Infotech is a true diamond in the rough.  It genuinely cares about its employees and is willing to grow, develop and constantly improve.  I have never met an employee at Infotech I didn't like and respect.  I also appreciate our festive culture and competitive Halloween costume contests!  We are always looking for something to celebrate and reasons to be grateful for one another.

Tell us how you found out about startGNV and how long you've served on the startGNV board? I got involved with the startGNV board about 2 years ago.  At the time Aidan Augustin was working to create a tech talent committee to collaborate on ways we could attract great technical talent to the Gainesville area.  I now serve as the chair of that committee, and it’s been amazing to grow awareness of just how many opportunities there are in the Gainesville area!

Favorite moment/memory in the innovation ecosystem so far?Watching our idea of creating a jobs portal for local tech and startup jobs come to fruition and then watching people get hired through it!  It's rare that you get to see an idea of this size come to life and have this kind of community impact.  To create something that helps people find their dream jobs is pretty exciting.

Tell us about your vision for startGNV and Gainesville's innovation ecosystem? I am really excited about expanding our services into the biotech industry.  Even as an ACR, I had no idea how many biotech companies there are in the area doing truly groundbreaking work.  I can't wait to learn more about these companies and find ways to support them and share their impact with the community.  The speed and growth of the biotech sector is incredibly exciting and truly unique to the Gainesville area.

Advice for those hoping to get involved/ interested in the innovation ecosystem like yourself? Reach out to startGNV!  Our board members will always sit down with you to learn how we can help or ways we can get you plugged in!

What's your favorite thing about Gainesville you've discovered so far, and what do you want to see next? Lately, I have been pretty excited about the rise in awesome bagel places!  If you haven't tried Luke's New York Bagels or Humble Pie, be sure to check them out!  I am also excited about all the growth on south main street and the continued redevelopment of downtown; however, I hope we keep as many trees as possible while we grow.  To me, the tree canopy is what makes Gainesville, Gainesville.

Any shameless plugs for why other people should move here?Gainesville is an incredibly friendly, progressive community where you can have a career and, more importantly, a good standard of living.  Get in now before we become the next Austin:)

What's the best thing your career peers can do to help build the innovation ecosystem and why should they do it? Be open to informational interviews with anyone wanting to work for tech and startups, even when you aren't hiring.  It's a little more work on the front end; however, it will save you time in the long run as you will have a pipeline of people to call when you need to fill an opening for future searches.  It will also create brand ambassadors for your company.  Sadly, in today's job market, personal touches are incredibly rare.  People will remember the kindness you showed them and will tell others about their positive experience with you.

You've led the charge on startGNV's Tech Talent Initative for several years now. Tell us about the amazing people who made this initiative happen and why they've been so great at working together? How can local employers get involved in the future? From working on this initiative, I have gotten to know amazing professionals from Sharpspring, Fracture, Feathr, Infinite Energy and Opie.  It's amazing that 2 of these companies were acquired in the last two years we have been working together.  All the acquisitions from the past year, are a testament that the Gainesville innovation eco-system is becoming stronger every day.  On a personal level, my involvement in the TTI, has given me a team of peers who continually show me how to be a better recruiter.  Some of these companies used to be described using phrases like "Gainesville's best kept secret," and I have watched their brand recognition grow significantly into top local employers.   If you are a local company looking to expand your talent acquisition footprint, we would love to hear from you!  Reach out to us and we can get you involved on a committee or set your company up with a campaign on our social media/job board.  Getting involved with startGNV is one of the best things you can do to grow your employer brand in the local market.  A robust employment market is the rising tide that lifts all boats!  It benefits local companies and attracts and retains talent to the area.

Any pro tips for our startup and tech employees looking to get in front of recruitment leaders like yourself? Attend startGNV events!  Many Gainesville tech employers send employees and reps to our events.  From these conversations, you can learn what these employers are looking for as well as get tips on skill sets you may need to invest in.  You can't get this kind of feedback from online applications and, even with the rise in remote work, Gainesville employers are usually jazzed to find talent living locally.

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