Thank You 2020 startGNV Board Members

startGNV would like to take a moment to express its gratitude to the retiring board members that made 2020 such a rewarding year.

Thank You 2020 startGNV Board Members

Fueled by a love of Gainesville, the startGNV working board members put in dozens (if not hundreds) of hours of work during their terms.

They rally together, toast together, and spend many weekends and late nights making startGNV shine.

They believe in something much bigger than their jobs, careers, or companies- they're here to grow an innovation ecosystem that will benefit an entire community.

startGNV would like to take a moment to express its gratitude to the retiring board members that made 2020 such a rewarding year.We are so grateful for them and hope you'll take a moment to learn about their contributions and why they love Gainesville.  

PS. If you see them, give them a social distance high-five for their service!

Gregg Robinson, startGNV Marketing

Gregg's Role with StartGNV

Not only did Gregg Robinson help carry startGNV through an entire rebranding campaign, but he also kept the trains running on all of startGNV's public relations and marketing.

Why does Gregg love Gainesville?

Author's note: Gregg loves Gainesville so much that he couldn't decide which aspect was his favorite. When Gregg finally narrows it down (but honestly, who could determine their favorite, so this might not ever happen), we'll make sure to update his quote.

Hannah Yeargan, startGNV Events coChair

Hannah's Role with startGNV:

Hannah served as the Events Co-Chair! She loved working with Elliot and Mikayla to find ways to support members of the GNV startup ecosystem. Building community and bringing people together was a big part of that role. She was most moved by how passionate the Board was (and is) about growing the GNV startup ecosystem and bringing great talent into the area. "Every single one of them cares so deeply about the GNV community and wants to see it thrive," says Hannah.

Why does Hannah love Gainesville?

"I'm grateful for Gainesville because it made me dream. I felt like there was great potential around every corner. Great potential for flipping houses, starting new businesses, meeting new people."

Bienvenido Torres III, startGNV Product and Branding

Benny's Role with startGNV:

Benny worked on brand definition/creative direction for startGNV and partnered with Programs Director, Lauren Hemingway to help launch the startGNV website.

Why is Benny grateful for Gainesville?

"What makes me grateful for Gainesville is the green and the hippie/alt-minded entrepreneurs."

Bryan Tobin, startGNV Startup Events

Bryan's Role with startGNV:

Bryan organized Startup Weekend / Startup Sprint events for the past three years. His favorite moment was the awards and final presentations. "It was super cool to see the ideas teams had worked on over the course of the weekend," says Bryan.

What makes Bryan grateful for Gainesville?

"It's difficult to summarize how much Gainesville means to me, and how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to be a part of the innovation/entrepreneurial scene. The thing that continues to stand out about Gainesville is that it really feels like you can, as an individual, make an impact. There is also an incredible opportunity to learn/grow for the entrepreneurs who have successfully built businesses in Gainesville, and who have clearly made an intentional decision to keep those businesses in the area."

Mikayla Paisley, startGNV Events

Mikayla's Role with startGNV:

Mikayla was startGNV's events and catering superstar. Her main focus was on startGNV's year-end gathering, CelebrateGNV. "That was definitely an incredibly rewarding project. It was awesome to get a ton of people involved in the startup ecosystem into one room to connect and celebrate. Not to mention, it was a wonderful way to showcase new and emerging ideas on the front end of the event," says Mikayla.

Why does Mikayla love Gainesville?

"I will always have a very special place in my heart for Gainesville, especially related to the startup ecosystem. Professional Gainesville is all about the people. The people are beautifully intertwined with connections, ideas, and support. There is heart in Gainesville. I'm grateful to have experienced a supportive growth environment, especially at such an early age."

Curtis McMillen, startGNV Operations

Curtis's Role with startGNV:

Curtis provided invaluable feedback and support during startGNV planning. His experience as a local employer helped build more robust programming and outreach for startGNV.