The 2020 Josh Greenberg Award

A note from the startGNV Board President, Aidan Augustin

The 2020 Josh Greenberg Award

To our valued applicants, donors, sponsors, and community members,

Thank you for your support and continued interest in the 2020 Onward & Upward Grant in memory of Josh Greenberg, the beloved co-founder and CTO of Grooveshark whose time was cut far too short. Josh was a mentor and hugely impactful role model for me, and I believe he would be thrilled to see how his mindset of generosity and helpfulness continues to be carried forward by so many in the Greater Gainesville innovation ecosystem. 

I also believe that he would strongly support our decision to amend this year’s award criteria in that manner that we have, and I hope that you do as well.

If this year has taught us anything, it is that our society continues to propagate structural inequality and discrimination. We of the startGNV Board of Directors believe that our local startup and tech community should be a positive force to help correct these injustices, and see today’s announcement as a small step in the right direction.

The 2020 Onward & Upward Grant for $5,000 will be awarded to an early-stage startup or small non-profit organization that is minority-owned, minority-led, or focused on a mission of social justice.

The mission of startGNV is to grow the innovation ecosystem of Greater Gainesville.

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential pillars to building a successful tech and startup community.

We believe that attracting and retaining talent requires that we foster a place where every ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, or sexual identity feels wanted and welcome enough to call Gainesville home. And we believe this endeavor is an appropriate way to honor Josh Greenberg’s legacy.

The Josh Greenberg Award Application is due by 10:00 PM EST, Wednesday December 2.

If you know of an early-stage startup or small non-profit that you believe would benefit from this grant, please forward this post or the application along to them. The award will be announced as a part of our “CelebrateGNV Digital Week” taking place 11/30-12/4.

Stay Starting,

Aidan Augustin, startGNV Board President – On behalf of the startGNV Board of Directors